A cream to reduce the appearance of cellulite

By Johanne Verdon, nd

We notice with age, a decrease in the tissue quality of the epidermis and dermis. Collagen, the glue that binds cells together, becomes more fibrous and less efficient, and elastin, which ensures tissue elasticity, is more difficult to regenerate. There is also a decrease in cellular exchanges and cell respiration. All this causes a lack of vigor and tone that can lead to slackening of the tissues, at the bottom of the face among others, where you risk seeing the double chin appear. The latter can also be caused by being overweight, which is obviously best avoided.

Good massages with a firming gel can help counter the harmful effect of age and being overweight on our face.

What is Cyto-Kinol?

Cyto-Kinol is the active form of pro-cytokine substances contained in milk. This is cyto-kinol (MPC), a completely revolutionary substance in the field of cosmetology. It is used integrated with a firming gel, associated with substances that activate the circulation, with substances that degrade and disinfect fats as well as with draining and firming ingredients. The Cyto-Kinol (MPC) combined with a formula of this type helps to firm up the sagging tissues of the chin (beware, however, of excess weight), helps to firm up the flabby flesh of the forearms but also of the whole of the body, during slimming cures. It helps improve the appearance of cellulite. You can also use this type of gel to improve the circulation of the feet and legs by regular massage morning and evening, always going up towards the heart.

A little history

A few years ago, researchers undertook research on the endogenous cytokines of milk. The colostrum secreted in all mammals at the very beginning of lactation contains cytokines in an active form. These cytokines in active form are very powerful growth factors and cellular regulators. Separating the cytokines from all the perishable constituents of colostrum and more, maintaining their biological activity being the primary goal of the researchers, this one proved to be unachievable in all the stabilization processes. In addition, the availability of colostrum was limited. The researchers therefore decided to use cow’s milk as a raw material for the rest of their trials.

Thanks to a specific multi-step process, they succeeded in developing a preparation with optimal biological activity. That is to say to activate the pro-cytokine substances present in the milk when the latter is produced after the secretion of colostrum. This is a specific process in several steps to obtain a product with a very high bioactivity: Cyto-kKnol (MPC), made up of cytokines and other milk components such as lactalbumin, lactoglobulin, lactoferrin, etc. . (NB: fat and casein have been removed.). These molecules which are part of the natural environment of milk are of crucial importance for the stability of Cyto-Kinol (MPC). So do not accept substitutes.

Several scientists have been interested in Cyto-Kinol (MPC): Glick, Westgate (IFSCC Congress in Sydney, 1996), Richter, Schwamberger. Besides in vivo evidence of the properties of cyto-kinol (MPC) and its influence on the skin, in vivo effects have been proven by human tests after application:

1) improves firmness and elasticity of the skin
2) helps increase skin thickness
3) reduce the appearance of cellulite

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