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No, you are not a little nature. Arthritis makes life difficult for you. Do you feel your joints creaking and don’t like a radical treatment with a super powerful cream for your delicate epidermis? You have the right to treat yourself gently. Here is an ideal solution for you.

Immerse yourself in a good bath, this is the first important step. Then massage the sore parts with Thermo-Gel, an analgesic cream based on organic arnica montana, which will give you comfort where it hurts.
*Thermo-Gel is used to temporarily relieve joint pain.

When the joints hurt, when the cogs creak, when pain is felt in a joint, the cartilage is in danger. We must act. Joints need nourishment.

You have to work twice as hard, it’s urgent! Do not hesitate. Take the bull by the horns by also taking the maximum dose of glucosamine, one ampoule of 1500 mg per day, maximum. Flex-O-Flex Gluco in drinkable ampoules is a real mine of glucosamine, fast absorption and without added sodium of course. That’s what boosting your defenses against arthritis is all about.

* Flex-O-Flex Gluco plays an important role in the maintenance of cartilage, protects against cartilage deterioration, is effective in reducing joint pain and helps relieve osteoarthritic symptoms. Get back to a pain-free life as quickly as possible.

Thermo-Gel is a registered natural health product: license NPN 80007812.

Flex-O-Flex Gluco in ampoules is a registered natural health product: license NPN 80000916.

*These claims are part of the license. Flex-O-Flex: registered trademark of Bronchosirum inc.

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