A real mine of glucosamine

We put lots and lots of glucosamine in an ampule of Flex-O-Flex. Each ampoule contains 1500 mg of glucosamine sulphate 2 KCl. Tested and approved in the laboratory, to certify you 1500 mg at manufacture. A real mine of glucosamine, fast absorption and without added sodium, of course.

Glucosamine like no other, the Flex-O-Flex glucosamine ampoule is a real glucosamine “pump”, yes, an ideal dose with maximum impregnation.

Its secret comes from edible domestic crustaceans. Each 1500mg glucosamine ampule is a gem of the sea. Fast acting, Flex-O-Flex is one of the strongest, fastest absorbing, most logical glucosamine supplements.

One ampoule of Flex-O-Flex every day (maximum daily dose) in a glass of fruit juice, followed by a good session of physical activity. Everything is here ! This is the winning formula.

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