A real treasure, Flex-O-Flex cream with capsaicin

A treasure is often hidden on a desert island. Not in the case of capsaicin cream, another marvel in the Flex-O-Flex arsenal, a treasure within everyone’s reach. See for yourself all that is discovered there, without digging into deep galleries:

– an ultra-penetrating Flex-O-Flex;

– a thermodynamic Flex-O-Flex;

– a Flex-O-Flex with osmatic absortivity;

– a pharmacodynamic Flex-O-Flex.

Yes, a real wonder for your well-being. A sensation of intense heat at the site of application, from the first topical use of capsaicin… yes, it heats up and not just a little. The treasure is starting to take effect.

You are hurt? React. You can even begin a moderate practice of physical activity of the joints, after applying the analgesic cream Flex-O-Flex. Never forget that any physical activity must be preceded by a good stretching session. Take action now.

Flex-O-Flex and moderate physical activity stretch stiff joints that need to move to keep from rusting.

Applying capsaicin cream can bring you active hemoconcentration or hyperaemia, that is, a healthy concentration of blood where it hurts.

Red Rackham, the pirate from Tintin, can go get dressed. Capsaicin is an extremely rare product, a real modern treasure.

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