A simple health walk.

The pleasure of stretching out.

The simple fact of walking briskly every day has enormous benefits for your health in general and your joints in particular. Ligaments and articular cartilage receive the benefits of activity, but on the other hand suffer the disadvantages of inactivity if you do not move enough. A joint is made for stretching. Tumble the joints before they rust.

When the joints creak, the cartilage is in danger. Flex-O-Flex brings you countless natural solutions that preserve cartilage from premature wear, while stimulating its reconstruction and promoting collagen metabolism. Four distinct formulas, exclusive to Flex-O-Flex, provide proven joint well-being. Enjoy it.

One of the four formulas exclusive to Flex-O-Flex is a shock formula in drinkable ampoules containing 1500 mg of glucosamine sulphate, a supernutritional dose, a veritable mine of rapidly assimilated glucosamine, a nouriflex par excellence. A natural health product registered NPN: 80000916.

Why not also try Capsaicin Flex-O-Flex. Yes, Capsaicin Analgesic Cream, also exclusive to Flex-O-Flex (NPN 02238137, Licensed Natural Health Product), can provide you with active hemoconcentration or hyperemia, i.e. a healthy concentration of blood, THERE WHERE IT HURT! Quite simply.

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