A treat for your hair

The roots of our hair are alive and they need nourishment. The daily care we give them is, in a way, the food they need to live well.

Terre-Mer shampoo is a regenerating polyvegetal land and marine compound concentrated in vegetable molecules, which helps the vascularization of the scalp and promotes exchanges at the level of the hair bulb.

A great ally for your hair, the earth-sea shampoo is made up of a myriad of molecules from cereals, algae, fruits, essential oils and the following marine products: panthenole provitamin B5, hydrolyzed oats, horsetail winter, nettle, oat grain extract, seaweed extract, grapefruit extract, melaleuca oil (antiseptic), monoi de Tahiti, lavender essential oil, white pine essential oil, plankton extract.

A natural treat for your hair.

Earth-sea, an overactivity from the plant kingdom, plays a role at all stages of the hair cycle, forming a microfilm on the surface of the hair to protect it, thus ensuring a healthy and vigorous growth.

You can wash your hair with a natural shampoo, like land-sea as often as you want.

Do not forget that the hair is considered one of our first criteria of beauty, and even of seduction. It is worth taking great care of it.

The Earth-Sea Bio-Active Shampoo is free of: BHA, BHT, sulphate, coal tar dyes, cyclo-methicone, DEA, DMAE, sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), MEA, dibutyl phthalate, parabens, fragrance, polyethylene glycol PEG, petrolatum, siloxanes, TEA, THPE, triclosan, methylisothiazolinone and methylchlorothiazolinone (MIT/MCIT)

Organic plant extracts: organic horsetail, organic nettle, organic oats, organic seaweed, organic grapefruit.

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