Alvéol a unique treasure in the world

It’s like the flower in the story of The Little Prince. What distinguishes one being or beauty product from another is often due to very few things. Sometimes only one element, but quite remarkable. What makes this cream exceptional, in addition to all the quality ingredients that make it up, is the presence of lactofermented bee pollen, often called “bee bread”. It is, in a way, old pollen ensiled in the cells, which is used to feed the young bees and turn them into quality workers. These are the first fresh proteins the colony needs to nourish and develop the young brood. Admittedly, there almost always remains old pollen ensiled in the alveoli and called ”bee bread”. Theoretically, this is more digestible and more easily assimilated by bees. Indeed, during the harvest, they agglomerate the various grains of pollen with the help of an intestinal juice containing various diastases. Some scientists even think that bees consuming bee bread live longer than with fresh pollen (treatise on bee biology).

Alveol cream also conceals innumerable floral molecules by calling on the six elements of the bee mas. You benefit from the ancestral skill of the bees who have assimilated this nectar of the gods, present in the plant kingdom, a toni-active plant symbiosis for all skin types.

In the components of the alveol cream, we find in addition to the lactofermented pollen unique to alveol the royal jelly which, thanks to its amino acids, reduces dry skin and the appearance of uneven pigmentation. There is also pollen, propolis, wax and orange blossom honey. Yes, the six facets of the alveolus, the prodigious hexagon of the world of bees, united together, which provide you with a cream that is unique in the world and of unequaled effectiveness.

Alvéol contains everything your skin constantly needs to be nourished, hydrated, protected and afforded a true youth cure. Alveol reduces the appearance of wrinkles and increases the freshness of your skin. All the sweetness of honey to take great care of your skin. It took a long time to develop this exceptional product that we are so proud of, but the research finally paid off.

A special plus:

Polyphenols, precious antioxidants contained in grape seeds, and resveratrol (also present in red wine, notably pinot noir) are ”anti-aging” ingredients found in vine sap which have been profit in the formulation of the alveol cream.

We sometimes need a long patience to realize that the greatest treasures of beauty care are within reach, in the very heart of nature… Now we know.

The color of bee bread in Alévol cream varies from yellow to brown.

A natural product… that’s it!

Tiny brown dots may appear in Alvéol cream. Don’t panic… it’s Propolis: Anti-bacterial, anti-septic and antioxidant with a content of flavonoids (pinocembrin, galangin and pinobanksin.) Propolis, raw material, which we have decided to keep in the cream , is very hard and hardly malleable.

This only increases the quality of a natural product.

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