An ecological player for firmer skin

One being the reflection of the other, smooth and firm skin, light or dark, is a sign of health, inseparable from beauty, one being the reflection of the other.

A study has shown that Cyto-Kinol assists the skin and gives it a physiognomic perspective of strong, healthy skin. Cyto-Kinol contributes to simple epithelial appearance by improving the aesthetic appearance of the skin.

Cyto-Kinol*, results of new research, helps tired, damaged and devitalized skin. Energizes skin lacking firmness. Secures the complex mesh that makes up the structure of the skin, especially delicate skin. Has toni-active resources drawn by sensitive skin (osmosis). Tones the bilayer of your skin through its mediating (cytokine-like) elements. Assists in the normal balance of skin tissue (homeostasis) through the interaction of its physiological active ingredients.

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