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One of the recommended purposes for strengthening hair is Well Terre-Mer capsules (license NPN 022337906). A natural contribution as of course.

What? Feed the hair?

Hair can only be nourished by a correlation of blood from the arteries that supply its roots. There is no way to nourish the hair, except through the blood vessels supplying the scalp. Hair growth and beautiful hair depend on general health. And for the maintenance of good health, there is Phytobec for those in the know.

The living part of the hair, made up of the root and the hair straw, is found in the follicle itself.
Hair growth and beautiful hair depend on general health. And for maintaining good health, for those in the know, there is Phytobec.

Take care of your health and your hair will take care of itself.

It should be noted that we realize that the circulation is inside the skull and not outside. It is only through nutrition, without or almost no deficiency, and circulation in the scalp that we can nourish the hair. A person in poor health has very little chance of getting beautiful hair. Phytobec, anticarentiel, contains antioxidants for the maintenance of good health. And Terre-Mer capsule is used to strengthen the hair. An allied duo for luminous hair.

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