Attention danger ! Lack of activity

Arthritis pain intensifies. If muscle flexibility decreases, chances are your pain will increase. Don’t let the pain get you down. React!

Repeated applications of capsaicin (3-4 times a day) of Flex-O-Flex Extra Strength Analgesic Cream will relieve your pain.

Add to that a regular program of low-intensity physical exercise and you will greatly prevent your muscle deterioration.

NPN 02238137 Registered natural health product.

Check out the Flex-O-Flex arsenal and its strategic plan to fight arthritis, an offensive based on four different and effective formulas.

Why not try Flex-O-Flex drinkable ampoules of 1500mg each of glucosamine sulphate (maximum one ampoule per day), a super-nutritional dose, a veritable mine of glucosamine. The fastest flexilium in the range of Flex-O-Flex achievements, a protective joint that stimulates and strengthens your natural defences. Super maximum concentration, a powerful lever for your aching joints. NPN 80000916, licensed natural health product.

Also, don’t forget Flex-O-Flex Chondrin, another exclusive formula available in tablets that are packed with natural actives. A 6-ingredient acti-flex, starring the most highly absorbable chondroitin. The most complex Flex-O-Flex, powerful and logical. NPN 80001547, licensed natural health product.

Don’t let pain control your life. It’s up to you to decide.

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