Baby skin…

Find your baby skin. A dream that quickly fades with the years. The skin becomes flabby, wrinkles deepen. Is this a condemnation without appeal? Should we abandon this search for silky smooth skin so soft to caress? Nope! Scientists, after long research, have developed a product of formidable efficiency, which will surprise you.

The vernix, rich in sqalene of which this incomparable product is composed, is the whitish substance which covers the baby, protects it and serves as a lubricant for it at birth, when it passes through the cervix. Research has shown this invaluable ingredient to be a natural moisturizer with antioxidant and anti-infective properties. It allows baby’s skin not to dry out and to be less flaky. What’s good for baby can now be applied to loose, damaged skin to restore tone and elasticity. Cosmetology, with the help of science, has simply applied the virtues of vernix, squalane, in skin care.

This perfectly natural biological element is an integral part of the Préfix cream, this extraordinary product that helps restore the skin’s lost suppleness. Prefix, face cream, fragrance-free based on organic vegetable squalane, causes deep work which aims to protect the active molecules of the skin.

Nature at the service of a beauty to be found. According to researchers from the Skin Sciences Institute at Children’s Hospital Center in Cincinnati, the softness of babies’ skin could be attributed to vernix, the whitish substance that coats the fetus in the mother’s womb.

INCI ingredients filed with government authorities under Préfix MC

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