Beautiful skin, firmer tissues…

Biomedical research carried out in France on the firmness of the skin has given surprising results: increased consistency and robustness of the skin. Here are the clinically proven tests of effectiveness: increase in the number of fibroblasts (+ 29%) and increase in ATP synthesis (+ 35%). Stimulation of collagen network contraction (+45%). Ability to protect against UV-B irradiation and moderating effects on erythema induced by UV-R (by visual evaluation: 40%, by chromometry: 32%).

Such a high percentage of skin stimulation to help loose skin and loose skin demonstrates the benefits of Cyto-Kinol for your skin.

The research was done with three micropillars, hydrolyzed casein, hydrolyzed yeast protein, and lysine. We have named them selected bio-amines.

These select bio-amines are exclusive to Cyto-Kinol Cream.

* Clinically proven scientific work by Laboratoires Sérobiologiques de France on efficacy tests and the skin regenerating effects of Cyto-Kinol.

INCI Cyto-Kinol skin recovery ingredients filed under: Cyto-Kinol, Bio-Amines
selected MD.

Selected Bio-Amines: registered trademark, Canada

Cyto-Kinol: intellectual property of Cognis SA France

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