Cache Cache® with rain, snow and northerly winds.

It’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s windy enough to dehorn the oxen, the hail pinches your face. There are almost no weather conditions to protect your face from the elements. Don’t let dry lips make your life miserable and dull your beauty. All the elements of nature combine to damage this very fragile part of our body. Sun, wind, snow, rain, our face exposed to the four winds and our lips are the first victims of this daily violence.

Cache Cache, 100% vegetable lip balm with an invisible nutriprotective formula, has a beneficial effect on dry lips. Cache Cache moisturizes, nourishes and comforts even very damaged lips. Cache Cache, transparent lip balm, brings an immediate feeling of well-being to chapped or bruised lips.

Should we take refuge inside our house and prevent ourselves from living? No, obviously. With a little help, your lips will stand up well to these aggressions which are not necessarily always unpleasant. Take the fresh air, this is essential for your health, but bring a tube of Cache Cache for your fragile lips. Apply several times a day as needed, even under lipstick, its protective qualities remain intact.

Made here in Quebec, according to the harshness of our climates, Cache Cache is your ally to resist the sun or the north wind all year long. When you live in a beautiful country like ours, you have to know how to take advantage of it.

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