Capsaicin? It’s not stung worms.

Yes, with capsaicin, it’s a different story! Capsaicin produces a feeling of intense heat at the site of application from the first use. It heats up and brings you hemoconcentration or active hyperaemia, that is to say a healthy concentration of blood where it hurts.

Capsaicin is a painkiller, an anti-suffering when you go through a bad pass of twinges.

During inflammatory episodes of arthritis and osteoarthrosis, it is capsaicin, the extract of red pepper, which, by acting, depletes the substance released by the nerves during chronic pain, resulting in a feeling of relief .

For the cream to work (Flex-O-Flex Extra Strength with capsaicin, NPN: 02238137 registered natural health product), however, it must be strictly applied and repeated, at least three or four times a day.

In addition, the joints suffer from nutritional disorders, surely out of glucosamine. That’s why Flex-O-Flex created an ampoule with 1500 mg of glucosamine, the maximum daily dose. It’s a lot, a lot of glucosamine, a real mine of rapid absorption and without added sodium. The Flex-O-Flex glucosamine ampoule is a real glucosamine “pump”. An ampoule every day in a glass of fruit juice, mixed with a good dose of physical activity, this is a winning formula for sure.

Having Flex-O-Flex up your sleeve is an asset that finally gives access to a pain-free lifestyle.

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