Challenge the years

“O time! suspend your flight…” said the poet. But the passing years sometimes leave a cruel image reflected in the mirror of time.

Even condemned to suffer the passage of years, you can now give your skin a boost of vitality that you did not even think you would find anymore. Researchers at the Skin Sciences Institute at Children’s Hospital Center in Cincinnati have made a startling discovery: the softness of babies’ skin could be attributed to vernix , the whitish substance that coats the fetus in its mother’s womb. They realized that this valuable product is a natural moisturizer with antioxidant and anti-infective properties. It allows the skin of newborns not to dry out and to be less flaky.

The substance that protected brand new skin can now be used in cosmetology and soothe skin damaged by the ravages of years. Préfix, a cream from Bio-Actif products based on organic squalane, restores the skin’s lost suppleness. Perfectly tolerated and very easy to penetrate into the epidermis, Prefix without perfume based on organic vegetable squalane, softens and relaxes the tissues by causing deep work which aims to activate the active molecules. and natural active ingredients specific to Bio-Actif products.

“Can we ever on the ocean of ages drop anchor for a single day?” continued Lamartine with a sigh. Yes! with Prefix, now you can.

The anti-pollution prefix

The impact of pollution on our skin.

Studies have shown that pollution causes an increase in seborrhea (oily secretion) and a decrease in squalene (which absorbs oxygen in sebum)

Pollution contributes to the formation of blackheads and pimples, weakens the skin barrier and puts pressure on the aging of the skin. JDMP1924-05-2017

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