Clear skin

The cleansing milk with natural elements gently cleanses your skin without drying it out. It eliminates impurities and make-up, it purifies the skin.

Its creamy texture gives you an immediate sensation of comfort. Your skin is clean, supple and soft, it breathes…it breathes naturalness.

During use you experience new softness and see a refreshing new glow on your face.

Bio-active cleansing milk is a luxury cleanser due to the elaboration of its composition of natural active ingredients. It tones the skin. It brings a high level of calm.

The combination of its components also provides trace elements and mineral salts that stimulate radiance and revitalize the skin.

What is foam?

Johanne Verdon cleanser and make-up remover is formulated with mild surfactants that originate from natural and organic substances. This is why it foams less than common cosmetics formulated with petroleum derivatives, foam is not required to clean well. Foam is pure chemistry, it strips, then it causes the skin to lose the natural elements that protect it. This substance is oppressive for the skin barrier because it is an artificial chemical detergent. Not to mention the damage to the environment.

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