Cough caused by colds and bronchitis

The ciliated cells are, in a way, elevator eyelashes which make it possible to evacuate the mucus contained in the bronchi. Sometimes these cells are not active enough to help eliminate these unwanted visitors. You have to bring out the bad guy who makes your life unpleasant. Six ingredients promote the elimination of mucus present in the respiratory tract: an extract of the plant Guarea rusbyi , an extract from the plant Euphorbia pilulifera , an extract from the plant Polygala senega , an extract from the plant Urginea scilla (maritima) , an extract of the Latuca virosa L. plant and a chloride.

The human body often needs a helping hand to better defend itself. You cough, you have phlegm in the back of your throat, Bronchosyl, with its six bioactive ingredients, comes to lend you a hand when the cough and phlegm assail you and exhaust you. Bronchosyl, a natural health, emollient, pleasant-tasting syrup, is recommended for the whole family, including children from the age of six. Bronchosyl comes in a bottle with a child-resistant cap. Keep out of reach of children.

Air, air. Breathe better! Free your bronchial tubes and finally forget about that nasty, uncomfortable cough. Bronchosyl, a little happiness, a great relief.

Bronchosyl: Licensed Natural Health Product: NPN 00415693.

* These claims are part of the license.

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