Re-balancing cytokine mediator: Cytokine mimetics: skin regeneration & cell stimulation. Controls Excess Cytokines: Anti-Inflammation Synergistic Complex of Peptides for Healthy, Balanced Skin.


Of all the trends originating in Asia that have influenced the West, the most widely diffused is undoubtedly the search for harmony. Whether through Feng Shui, yoga or meditation, everyone aspires to preserve their inner balance, thus finding the path to serenity, health and ultimately happiness. This harmony can be regained through Spa treatments, which explains their success: by appealing to our five senses, they provide a soothing holistic experience that reconciles body and soul. The Chinese Yin-Yang philosophy aims for harmony by re-balancing opposing energies – “Yin” (feminine, dark and passive force) and “Yang” (masculine, lively and active force) – inside body or specific organs.

The translation of this Yin-Yang balance in terms of biological processes is the preservation of skin homeostasis. Only the maintenance of this homeostasis can guarantee the physiological well-being and health of our skin.

A specific group of molecules – cytokines, play an important role in skin homeostasis. Cytokines can therefore be considered as the biological actors of Yin-Yang energies for the well-being of the skin. They perfectly reflect the duality of all things in nature. Cytokines have positive effects: activation of the immune system, acceleration of healing, regulation of cell maturation and differentiation. However, they also have negative effects, such as an abnormally high sensitivity of the skin to external / internal attacks (known as “cytokine storm”), inducing skin inflammation, irritation, itching, irregular healing, etc.

Cyto-Kinol restores the Yin-Yang balance of the skin by modulating the activity of cytokines. It contains peptide compounds with a structure close to cytokines, reproducing the effects of “good cytokines”, without any risk of negative side effects. Through the evocative power of its “philosophical” dimension, this Yin-Yang positioning of Cyto-Kinol meets market expectations in terms of holistic concepts. Cyto-Kinol is particularly suitable for Spa treatments and as a complement to drastic cosmetic procedures, to promote optimal healing.

Technical data

INCI Name: Hydrolyzed Casein (and) Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein (and) Lysine HCl
Preservatives: without preservatives.

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