Day cream. Night cream. Multi-care cream.

A BB cream par excellence, balances and tones the epidermis.

Diminishes the appearance of signs of aging. Ideal for tired, wrinkled, crusty, cracked, chapped and irritated skin.

A river of biological beauty

Yes, you will get beautiful skin, firmer looking tissues, thanks to a whirlwind of 100% natural particles included in Johanne Verdon Multi-Care Cream.

The activity of twenty-five elements from organic farming, natural elements in interface with the skin, a tide of atoms which will make your skin appear firmer, which will assist in the constitution of the epidermis and the dermis and will implement the strengthening of the natural defenses of the skin to fight against pollution and toxic products from our environment, this is the Multi-Care cream.

fight time

Times are tough, with strong winds, stifling pollution, extreme temperature variations and the inevitable passage of time. It takes a real bastion to protect the skin from these daily aggressions. Bio-Actif products are the best tool at your service, day and night. Your most beautiful desires like a dream come true.

Wrinkles? What a nightmare !

Your smile lines no longer make you laugh at all, even make you look fierce. You have trouble looking at yourself in the mirror. Nothing forces you to bear this “ransom of time” as if it were inevitable. Before resorting to a facelift, which is a one-off and expensive operation, have you thought that the Johanne Verdon Multi-Care cream can help you obtain a firmer, smoother appearance for your skin and give it that look you so much want to regain? ?

Amplified by our culture and perfectly 100% vegetable. La crème des crèmes (NO! no chemicals/synthetics on my skin.)

Your free and informed choice

skin aging

The skin would age prematurely under the effect of sugar. The elasticity of the skin would decrease, because the sugar modifies the structure of the collagen.

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