At the end of its rope
Something broke inside him, he’s tense, nervous at the end, really at the end of his rope, I don’t recognize him anymore.

He gets angry for everything and nothing.

The tenseness of the facial features, it does not lie. Tremors of the vocal cords, a lump in the throat, it does not lie. By the transposition of the physical to the moral, and of the moral to the physical, we all express, on certain occasions, nervousness, tension, overwork. You have to relax and Décontrak-Tin relaxes.

Nerves on edge? Décontrak-Tin relaxes.

Tense? Décontrak-Tin relaxes.

Dominated by nerves? Décontrak-Tin relaxes.

Insomnia? Décontrak-Tin relaxes and helps sleep.

Eh yes! Décontrack-Tin, relaxes.

That’s what it was created for.

Registered natural health product NPN: 02239962

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