Diversity above all else

You do not disdain the pleasures of the table. You present yourself as having a good fork. You are spontaneously attracted to meats, grilled meats, starchy foods. You may be suffering from a diet deficient in vitamins, minerals, etc. It is high time to go green by doing a cure of green vegetables and fruits, which will energize your body.

Gourmet or bon vivant, of digestive, muscular, cerebral type, we all need the widest possible variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients of all kinds. The body does not need huge amounts of the same kind of vitamins or minerals, but a wide variety of these elements, in controlled doses. Approaching the matter like this is the simple logic and it is with this knowledge that the makers of the special formula Phytobec have brought out a capsule with varied components, yes, forty well-chosen ingredients, in controlled doses, to achieve to a complete quality product and thus identify the hidden needs of your organization.

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