Do you lack antioxidants? Phytobec all the time. An army of antioxidants.

Its guarantee of forty constituent elements including ten antioxidant components per capsule is proof of this. Here is the activity of antioxidants. Repeatedly, our body undergoes oxidation, and this course of oxidation generates FREE RADICALS. These predispose to aging, therefore harm our mechanics of good health.

Free radicals originate from the normal metabolic process of our body and from the environment, that is to say pollutants of all kinds, car exhaust, cigarette smoke, solar radiation, etc.

Judiciously, our organism is endowed with means of defence. Yes, antioxidants. However, since the efficiency of antioxidant production is partially deficient in our body, dietary antioxidants and dietary supplements can help challenge and oppose oxidative damage. Phytobec, science and life.

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