Don’t fall off your chair

When the joints hurt, when the cogs creak, when pain is felt in a joint, the cartilage is in danger. We must act. The joints need to be nourished, it’s urgent!

It’s not too late, but implementing an action plan as soon as these first symptoms appear is of prime importance. An action plan based on moderate physical activity including stretching should begin as soon as possible. We have to work twice as hard, it’s urgent!

Do not hesitate. Take the bull by the horns by also adding the maximum dose of glucosamine to your diet. One vial of 1500 mg per day of glucosamine. Flex-O-Flex in drinkable ampoules is a real mine of fast-absorbing glucosamine without added sodium of course.

That’s stimulating your defenses against arthritis and there’s also Phytobec, yes! Don’t fall off your chair *Phytobec helps maintain cartilage, build and repair connective tissue.

The very salt of life

The importance of magnesium in health.

Phytobec knows this with its magnesium chelate (highly assemblable proteinate). The risk of lacking magnesium is very high, a majority of Quebecers are deficient in it. You should know that a low level of magnesium predisposes to heart disease, bone fragility, cramps, tingling and muscle contractions.

Magnesium deficiency upsets the balance of calcium metabolism which leads to bone fragility and will produce arthritis. The daily intake for adults is about 200 mg. Phytobec provides you with 100 mg per day of highly assimilable magnesium, considering that your regular daily intake will meet the rest of your needs.

Good materials for maintaining healthy cartilage, Phytobec has them. That’s for sure. Phytobec a registered natural health product: NPN 02229746. High security. Compliant analyzes of each batch: active medicinal products, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, yeasts, molds, density, pH, viscosity, total microorganisms, pathogenic contaminants (inhibition test).

Phytobec: registered trademark of Bio-Actif inc. Jacques Duceppe, CEO, owner.

On sale everywhere, but not anywhere!

*These claims are part of the license issued by government authorities.

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