Eight times, eight times, eight times… Find where the wonder is hidden. Eight essential vitamins.

Eight essential vitamins, eight vitamins that must be consumed together because of their close relationship, eight vitamins in controlled doses to ensure optimal effect. Locate them on the Phytobec label.

Yes, right there, at the heart of Phytobec, an 8-power energy that has a direct impact on your general well-being. Phytobec is also activated to the power of 10 by its antioxidants which program your body against the “bombardment” of DNA by free radicals.

Phytobec, a shield against nutritional deficiencies, finally works at the power of 40, because each capsule contains a palette of 40 nutrients, scientifically dosed to help you live and live well.

Phytobec: a most effective synergy with its selenium against aging.

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