Emotions… Helps to relax…

Your body’s response is subject to the stresses of your environment. You don’t feel well.

Life, health, strength and harmony of nerve functions depend first and foremost on proper nutrition … Nerve strength is dependent on the foods you eat that provide nerve cells with the necessary energy you need to think…and act.

If you don’t have time to eat well, consider Phytobec to fight against deficiencies. Daily exercise is also a must.

Bio-Actif agrees with you to reduce your stress level you need:

1- Do some physical activity

2- Take deep breaths

3- Take the time to eat well

4- Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Sufficient sleep is an absolute condition of nervous equilibrium.

5- Be positive

6- Also choose a natural method like the one we recommend and the nomenclature of the precepts mentioned above is not exhaustive.

7- Laughing is good. Laugh often. Laughing is a real massage that takes place in your body. The contraction of the diaphragm stimulates organs such as the liver, spleen, stomach, intestines, etc. Laughing relaxes, relaxes the muscles, produces endorphins (it is this molecule, dopamine, which directly influences behavior and brings a feeling of pleasure). A few minutes of laughter can equal an hour of relaxation. Put a smile on your face and laugh!

The plexus is a crossroads of nerves
The solar plexus is located in the abdomen between the sternum and the navel. A tense solar plexus, a knotted stomach, a pit in the stomach disturb the biological elements that make up the body. A mechanical action such as a massage of the solar plexus can bring you the desired relaxation. The physical influences the moral and vice versa. The nervous system and our solar plexus establish a very great solidarity between our organs. Our body forms a whole. A person is doing badly, it is simply a question of relaxing the body, of promoting a feeling of well-being and harmony of body and mind, in short of waking up/energizing by sensory perception.

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