Face to face with ragweed.

You are in an impossible state. Ragweed pollen is the cause, the number one enemy of a million Quebecers. Airborne ragweed pollen is coming “strong” this year because of the great heat of early summer.

Pollen allergies are likely to result in runny nose, blocked nasal passages and/or repeated sneezing. We have a stuffy nose. At night, we breathe through our mouths with distress, it’s scary. Runny nose, constantly itchy eyes, we breathe out somehow. It tingles in the throat and nose.

It’s hell !

Allergine against seasonal allergies is specially designed and used as a herbal medicine to help relieve these famous allergic symptoms. Allergine, has the trunk, in fact, its active ingredients are 30 times more muscular than an infusion of stinging nettle, to fight hand to hand against hay fever.

Allergin against tree pollen in spring. Allergin to grass pollen, hay and lawn in July. Allergin to ragweed pollen in late summer. Allergine, a phytomedicine, has an aversion to all these pollens in the air and is present to help you relieve these famous allergic symptoms.

Allergine hand to hand against the number one enemy of a million Quebecers: airborne pollens.

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