From the first symptoms, have a natural reflex.

Bring out “the bad guy”

The cold is painful? Bronchitis is tiring? Are you down? Bronchosyl is a phytotherapeutic and biospecific response..

Quinto-active with its five constituents from natural sources, Bronchosyl works gently to get you back on your feet. Bronchosyl, the taste of the real, the taste of the natural, pleasant to the taste.

An endless nightmare

Common problem, simple answer “I start coughing as soon as I wake up and the nightmare lasts all day. After a few hours, I’m completely exhausted, I don’t know how to stop this cough that pursues me as soon as autumn returns. So what is the simplest, most natural solution? »

Bronchosyl syrup comes to lend a hand to the ciliated cells of the bronchi which are not sufficiently active to promote the elimination of mucus present in the respiratory tree.

Bronchosyl helps bring out that “bad guy” that’s making your life unbearable.

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Kept out of reach of children. Bronchosyl comes in a bottle with a child-resistant cap.

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