Heals difficult digestion

It was too good. I did not listen to my conscience. It’s not so much the alcohol, but all those magnificent dishes, sauces, fats, excess sugars. My stomach is heavy, I feel bloated. Looks like the internal machinery is bogged down. Yes, I ate too much, yes, it’s my fault, but now that the indulgence is over, what should I do to get back in shape? The system no longer provides. I need bile to assimilate all this and my body does not produce enough.

Don’t worry, we have some for you!

What can help my overworked gallbladder?

You need a choleretic agent like Foratol tablet: *Traditionally used to increase bile production. Or choleretic agent such as Foratol herbal tea: *which promotes bile secretion and which is traditionally used to promote digestion, treat difficult digestion and stimulate it.

Foratol tablets, Foratol herbal tea help to easily get your body back on track.

But, above all, as your conscience said, your meals should never be too copious. This is the cause of many evils. Eat light, eat less, you’ll be better off. And the tomorrows will be bright

Foratol (tablets): licensed natural health product: License NPN 00724181.

Foratol (herbal tea): registered natural health product: license NPN 01948210.

* These claims are part of the license.

Exercise every day!

Wait at least an hour after meals before exercising. When certain muscles are in activity, the blood presses on them more intensely, which deprives the parts of the body which are not active of a certain portion of blood; by the same token, the functions are slowed down.

If you exercise immediately after meals, the heart does not have enough blood and energy to sufficiently supply your digestive system and working muscles; consequently, the digestive functions are affected.

Moderate and regular in exercises, but do them every day.

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