Heart-brain. Can we listen to them?

No heart, no life. The heart does everything… Or almost. How much damage does omega-3 deficiency do to our health? cardiovascular and our cerebral functions.

Omega-3s (ALA-EPA-DHA) are essential to help maintain our cardiovascular health and our cognitive functions. You can’t do without them, the body doesn’t make them, they have to come from outside. The three omega-3s (ALA-EPA-DHA) found in Tri-Cephal are even important for the muscles. The heart is a muscle, let’s not forget that.

When the body receives the ALA-EPA-DHA trio, this triple alliance is immediately used to help the heart, the brain (memory) and the reduction of blood triglyceride levels. It should be known that the contribution by the food of the precursor of the family of omega-3, the ALA as well as the EPA and the DHA are almost always insufficient. More than 75% of Quebecers are deficient in omega-3. According to some studies, it is more like 85%. It’s not nothing.

In children under the age of 12 , Tri-Cephal helps to contribute to the development of the brain, eyes and nerves.

ALA omega-3 is now stealing the show and boosting the benefits of conventional omega-3s, Tri-Cephal understands that. Here’s your choice, free and well informed.

Once a habituation to prescription stimulants is developed, it causes changes in the brain and body.

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