Help yourself and heaven will help you…

Yes, help you strengthen your defense system against the symptoms of infections in the throat and nose (colds).

Garlic Sulfo-Génik, this exceptional medicinal food with its active ingredient (4000 mcg of allicin) and its whirlwind of sulfur elements, was conjugated from an extraordinary plant: garlic. No other plant known in history has been so studied, so used and has so many benefits as this bulbous plant that we all know. The Sulfo-Génik garlic from the Sur-Actif laboratory (exclusive formula) provides you with the maximum of allicino-active characters (allicin), each enteric-coated tablet releasing 4000 mcg of allicin into your digestive tract.

An extra powerful product. Allicin is the medicinal bio-active element that contributes to the following claims: Sulfo-Génik garlic is used in herbal medicine to help maintain cardiovascular health in adults, and is traditionally used in herbal medicine to help relieve symptoms related to upper respiratory tract infections (throat, nose, etc.) and catarrhal conditions. Also used in herbal medicine to help lower high lipid levels. Catarrh: inflammation of the mucous membranes accompanied by hypersecretions, followed by discharge (colds).

Sulfo-Génik garlic is an approved natural health product: license NPN80000306.

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