High concentration of omega-3? The Tri-Cephal …better than the fish on your plate?

Tri-Cephal helps support cognitive health and/or brain function. Helps reduce blood triglycerides/triacyglycerol levels. Helps maintain health. Helps support brain, eye and nerve development in children ages 12 and under. Ref: These claims are taken from Tri-Cephal’s NPN license;

We sing the praises of the good fats in oily fish, but researchers at Harvard University in Boston(1) claim that fish oil supplements are a safer source of omega-3s due to the polluting agents in fish such as mercury, arsenic and lead, etc., and pesticides… (1) Ref: Mercury Levels in Fish Oil Preparations—Foran et al.

(Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2003;127:1603 –1605) Division of Laboratory Medicine, Department of Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital and

Harvard Medical School, Boston, Mass.;

Few Quebecers eat fish every day (2). And what category of fish? Many fish contain very little omega-3 (3). In fact, 84% of Quebecers are deficient in omega-3, despite the fact that 59% of them eat one fish meal or more per week (2-4). The recommended daily dose of Tri-Cephal is equivalent to eating salmon every day.

Ref: (2) Survey commissioned by MAPAQ February 2009. (3) Exter J. composition of food. Agriculture handbook no 8-15 Washington DC–USA,USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory. Available at: http://www.nalusda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/ (4) Researchers from Laval University and the CHUL-CHUQ Public Health Research Unit. Survey conducted on June 14, 2006 with 1,001 respondents from Quebec;

Not to mention that to be edible, in general, the hot fish on your plate has been more or less altered by the heat and what about fish stuffed with a greasy breadcrumb? Cooking the fish, cooked over high heat on the grill, thus reducing the omega-3 content through heat.

Ref: Fish Intake and the Risk of Incident Heart Failure: The Women’s Health Initiative. Rashad J. Belin et al. Circ Heart Fail. 2011 July; 4(4): 404–413;

Tri-Cephal, containing the omega-3 triad is truly DISTINCTIVE to Tri-Cephal. The polyunsaturated oils isolated inside each of the Tri-Cephal capsules are protected by vitamin E to prevent oxidation(5) and thus preserve the triple alliance of omega-3s in Tri-Cephal.

Ref: (5) Protective role of vitamin E in biological systems. L Packer American Journal for Clinical Nutrition. 1991;

Tri-Céphal is highly purified by detoxification of pesticides and contaminants of all kinds such as mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic. Tri-Cephal is purified of these harmful undesirables. Whether omega-3s come from fish or Tri-Cephal, they result in comparable blood omega-3 levels.

Ref: Comparison of the effects of fish and fish-oil capsules on the n–3 fatty acid content of blood cells and plasma phospholipids. Harris et al. The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition 2007;86:1621–5;

A large number of studies are made using fish oil capsules, such as the JdeM article of April 3, 2013, entitled:

”Omega-3s extend life expectancy”

Ref: Harvard University- Massachusetts and Washington State University-Annals of Internal Medicine.

You like fish, do not deprive yourself of it! (it’s delicious). You don’t like fish, there’s Tri-Céphal, otherwise you’ll have to find the omega-3s essential to your health in your diet (not that easy… 84% of Quebecers lack them). Well even if you eat fish twice a week many of you will potentially be in omega-3 deficiency, Tri-Céphal can compensate for this deficiency. The recommended daily dose of Tri-Cephal is equivalent to eating oily fish EVERY DAY. (it’s not nothing).

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