I eat what I want. And then after?

Variety first and foremost.

Are you “overnourished” or “undernourished”? A what ? Let’s not forget that the diversity of our diet is the source of our physical and mental health. Varying your diet, eating a bit of everything in reasonable quantities, respecting the simple rule of diversity and quality, protects our health capital, an invaluable good. Eat what you want and then vary, vary, vary. Diversify! It’s both good and enjoyable.

Let us have a taste for plurality, for variety, we omnivores. Our balance and our health are built through a varied diet, marked by the variety of sources of nutrients that our body needs to function well.

In this diversity, Phytobec, which is measured by its conception of “large numbers”, can help you.
-Phytobec: a shield against nutritional deficiencies, each capsule being a universe of nutrients and being marked by a collection of ingredients from natural sources.

-Phytobec: maintenance through diversity, through plurality.

-Phytobec: the plural brand with its hundreds of trace elements per capsule.

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