I have arthritis, it’s crystal clear.

What do I do now ?

The Flex-O-Flex Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Arsenal is here to help.

First of all, you have to free yourself from the pain. When the joints creak, the cartilage is suffering. Why not try Flex-O-Flex Analgesic Cream with Capsaicin, an extra strength product, so active that it forces the body into hemoconcentration, active hyperaemia. The skin reddens, it heats up, the blood, a great repairer, flows where it hurts. In addition, capsaicin dampens the pain nerve impulse (by inhibiting substance P). Three to four applications of analgesic cream a day for a week should give you immense relief (NPN: 02238137, licensed natural health product).

It is also necessary to nourish the cartilage which suffers from malnutrition. Flex-O-Flex brings you another natural solution, the Flex-O-Flex Chondrin, which combines 700 mg of substance of marine origin, including chondroitin. Chondrin protects the cartilage from premature wear, while stimulating its reconstruction and promoting the metabolism of collagen. The most versatile Flex-O-Flex: a unique scientific innovation, the most popular Flex-O-Flex, according to testimonials and the results obtained.

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