Inositol: an essential vitamin for fat transport

For a substance to be considered an authentic vitamin, it must meet three characteristics:

1) It cannot be made by the human body; it must therefore come from a source external to it;
2) In case of deficiency, clinical and biochemical symptoms appear;
3) Symptoms and deficiencies resolve with the supply of the missing vitamin.


The B-group vitamin complex is an indispensable vitamin set that is essential for the production of energy from food as well as for the activity of fat and protein metabolism. Without B vitamins, the brain and nervous system cannot function properly, and they generally contribute to the maintenance of healthy skin, hair, eyes, mouth and liver. However, the properties of a substance of this complex remain in my opinion unknown, which is regrettable in our modern world where anxiety is the lot of many and the prescription of drugs for the nerves, made excessively.

Inositol, a B-complex vitamin

The level of inositol in the nerves declines with age, as does the speed of reflexes. Considered the vitamin of the golden age, inositol or vitamin B7 is a real tonic for nutrition, the nervous system and the liver. It mobilizes fats by preventing their accumulation.

Studies were conducted by Dr. CC Pfeiffer of the Brain Bio Center in Princeton, New Jersey, who studied the effect of inositol on the brain impulses of schizophrenics and those of normal individuals. He noted that inositol had the same anxiolytic effect as Librium or Meprobamate. The calming effect of inositol can really be a help and even a replacement (in a withdrawal process) for people suffering from anxiety and irritability. This element of the B complex is also an integral part of the myelin sheath that covers the nerves.

Sources of inositol

Organ meats such as liver and beef heart are excellent sources of inositol, but consuming them is not recommended. These organs may contain traces of drugs, mainly antibiotics, and traces of growth hormones. Other foods, such as wholemeal breads, fresh wheat germ, oats, fresh nuts, legumes, and unbleached granulated lecithin are other sources of inositol. Inositol is a vitamin-like substance but it cannot be called a vitamin with a capital V because the body’s cells and intestinal bacteria are able to convert glucose into inositol. It is clear, however, that in a state of stress one can wonder whether anxiety or even, in some people, irritability or hyperactivity, might not be linked to a lack of inositol in the brain or to a simple blocking his metabolism.

In addition to monitoring the food sources of inositol, I advise taking for the overall resistance of the organism and mainly of the nervous system, a multiple supplement of vitamins and minerals presented in a micro-aerated (powder) form in a dry gelatin capsule which can be dissolved in 15 minutes by hydrochloric acid in the stomach. For better assimilation, take a supplement consumed in divided doses (four capsules daily providing a total of 100 mg of inositol).

Chelated Magnesium

Ideally, the inositol from the multiple supplement is combined with chelated magnesium (proteinate) and selenium. The chelated magnesium is in a way “pre-digested” since amino acids have been bound to the magnesium, thus reproducing a process familiar to the body in the phase characterizing assimilation. at the level of the small intestine. Magnesium is a psycho-relaxing mineral found in green vegetables and whole grain cereals. However, deficient land fed with fertilizers low in magnesium often gives vegetables and cereals, it goes without saying, deficient in magnesium. Hence the importance of supplementation.


Selenium is an antioxidant mineral that also helps reduce anxiety, depression and fatigue. Here is a list of foods identified by Welsh psychologists David Benton and Richard Cook of University College Swansee as containing selenium. These foods are recommended for people with anxiety and depression.

– Sun-flower seeds
– Swordfish
– Clams
– Oysters
– Chicken liver
– Fish and seafood in general
– Oats

In summary, inositol, chelated magnesium and selenium go hand in hand in a multi-supplement combined with a set of nutrients in a micro-aerated capsule form.

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By Johanne Verdon

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