Joints can be healed!

Deep muscle pain in the joints. Decreasing more and more movements, quality of life, of course. Introducing Thermo-Gel , a natural analgesic cream based on arnica montana newly recognized by government authorities. An exceptional product that will provide you with comforting well-being. A wellness tool, Thermo-Gel analgesic cream plays a role at the heart of a key molecule in the inflammatory mechanism causing joint pain.

* This is why Thermo-Gel is used to temporarily relieve joint pain.

It is also necessary to nourish the cartilage which suffers from malnutrition. Flex-O-Flex brings you another natural solution, Flex-O-Flex Chondrin, which combines a blend of chondroitin in a whirlwind of medicinal plant molecules.

* Flex-O-Flex Chondrin helps build connective tissue and helps relieve pain in bones and joints.

Enjoy the healing properties of Chondrin…and now you can return to your activities…without rushing. Otherwise, your body will give you another cry of alarm. He tells you that Thermo-Gel is another great natural health product for gentle wellness.

Thermo-Gel : registered natural health product, license NPN80007812.

Flex-O-Flex Chondrin : registered natural health product, license NPN80001547.

*These claims are part of the license.

Ligaments and articular cartilage receive the benefits of activity, but on the other hand suffer the disadvantages of inactivity if you do not move enough. Move!

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