Let’s set the clocks back

Fruits and vegetables are full of plant molecules. Phytobec is also full of plant molecules. Phytobec has a whole panoply of them resulting from plants such as: astragalus, soy, citrus bioflavonoids, rosehip, brewer’s yeast, seaweed, malt, ginkgo biloba, wheat germ, rutin, pollen, papaya, alfalfa, ginseng, lecithin and spirulina.

Phytobec, in addition to its vitamins and minerals, also contains antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.

Some think that Phytobec looks like the others. It’s wrong. Phytobec stands out with its whirlwind of plant molecules… and we are still determined not to change a thing.

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Phytobec approved natural health product NPN: 02229746

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