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Thermo-Gel, a natural analgesic cream based on organic arnica montana newly recognized by government authorities. An exceptional product that will provide you with comforting well-being. A wellness tool, Thermo-Gel analgesic cream plays a role at the heart of a key molecule in the inflammatory mechanism causing joint pain. * This is why Thermo-Gel is used to temporarily relieve joint pain.

It is also necessary to nourish the cartilage which suffers from malnutrition. Flex-O-Flex brings you another natural solution, Flex-O-Flex Chondrin. Thermo-Gel plus Chondrin, a tandem to deal with joint problems.

* Flex-O-Flex Chondrin helps relieve pain in bones and joints and also helps in the formation of connective tissues.

Flex-O-Flex Chondrin contains lots and lots of chondroitin, a major component of synovial fluid that lubricates the joints. Flex-O-Flex Chondrin also contains defensive substances produced by the sea cucumber. Flex-O-Flex Chondrin contains a medicinal plant blend combined with chondroitin, an exemption formulation. The Chondrin from Flex-O-Flex is a premier resource for the living system of the joints. The Chondrin from Flex-O-Flex is a must for the joints, did you know? Flex-O-Flex knows it! Flex-O-Flex Chondrin is a natural health product and its formula is exclusive, nowhere will you find such a formula. Chondrin from Flex-O-Flex, with a different licensed formulation, is also a whirlwind of vegetable molecules. Flex-O-Flex Chondrin is second to none. Joint health, we do it.

Thermo-Gel: is a registered natural health product: license NPN 80007812.
Flex-O-Flex Chondrin: is a licensed natural health product: license NPN 80001547.
* These claims are part of the license.

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