Loose skin

Does your skin need a little tone?

Want to maintain a youthful look? It is completely justified. The passage of years spares no one, over time, the skin thickens, it collects dead cells, hydration decreases.

Disaster the skin slackens? We must act.

Using assistance and the good offices and complicity of the Bio-Actif laboratory in the context of studies to tone up flabby skin is a most natural approach.

Laboratoire Bio-Actif does not budge it is necessary to meet the needs of the skin from the inside and the outside. From the inside, Phytobec helps to maintain the skin, a claim that is an integral part of the license of natural health products issued by government authorities. Vitamins and trace elements are really essential for the beauty of the skin nourishing the epithelial cells which develop in the interstitial liquid.

The skin flourishes thanks to a first-rate variety of vitamins and minerals as well as a range of plant molecules found in Phytobec, an exclusive composition suffering from no competition.

Yes, nourish your skin from within. Absorb a whirlwind of plant molecules in Phytobec. These constituents, which it requires, protect it against external aggressions and promote a beautiful architecture of the cutaneous tissue. It’s a natural way to help with the appearance of loose skin and overall health.

From the outside Bio-Actif, which studies all the problems of the skin, has developed the purifying tonic lotion with purely vegetable elements. Give your skin a bath of vitality for all skin types that softens, soothes and relieves dry skin. Bio-Actif’s purifying tonic lotion moisturizes, lubricates promotes and helps preserve elasticity. It prevents damage caused by drying out, in short it tones the skin. The active principles, for example natural vitamin E as an antioxidant, and the extracts of natural origin allow effective hydration of the skin.

Illuminated skin, radiant skin, radiant skin, this is the menu of Johanne Verdon purifying tonic lotion.

The taste of the natural, the taste of the real

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