Me, I take it!

Me, what I need for my health is a bio-active product for my heart, my brain and my arteries. A product that would be an integral part of my life.

Very recently I acquired Tri-Céphal with its three omega-3s inspired by the latest discoveries. I really embraced this product containing omega-3 ALA which is so important for brain functions like memory among others.

Tri-Cepal helps support cognitive health and/or cerebral (brain) function. Also helps reduce blood triglycerides, triacyglycerol levels. Helps maintain cardiovascular (heart) health.

I suspected that my dietary intake of omega-3 was insufficient, I was part of this set of Quebecers (75%) deficient in omega-3.

It’s a small investment of nothing to consume a few capsules a day, but this modest nothing is far from nothing, my brain and my heart know something about it.

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