Menopause, a gentle turn

What strategy to adopt against hormonal changes during menopause? Often debated question.

If you choose to live in harmony with nature, you are in the right school. Menopause is inevitable, and comes too quickly for some people’s tastes. But it must be crossed serenely while maintaining a quality of life that will continue for years to come. The turning point is not worrying when it is negotiated gently.

* Menogenic, to help reduce the symptoms of menopause.

Menogene is not an aggressive process likely to leave significant sequelae in the body.

The importance of good lifestyle habits and a good diet plays a very big role in the intensity of the symptoms of premenopause and menopause.

Soothing active ingredients, phytohormones from bee bread, freeze-dried royal jelly, bee pollen and soy isoflavones are ingredients in tune with nature. It is a simple contribution to maintain a natural quality of life. As always, the best solutions are found in nature. Menogene knows how to accompany you in those moments that you sometimes dread.

Menogene® a licensed natural health product: license NPN 80003489

* These claims are part of the license.

The Menogene protocol is based on a controlled and randomized study in compliance with good manufacturing practices.

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