Mirror, mirror, tell me…

Even bees help beautify us? The benefits that these insects have given us since the dawn of time are incalculable. Not only in the field of food or pharmacopoeia, but also in that of cosmetology. The properties of beautiful skin with honey were already known at the time of the Romans who bathed their faces in a mixture made of milk and honey. It is therefore not yesterday that the natural properties of honey are known and appreciated.

To bring within your reach all the riches of the plant world extracted from the nectar of flowers by bees, the Alvéol face cream contains countless floral molecules by calling on the six elements of the bee mas. With Alvéol cream, you have access to technologies that are both the most innovative and the oldest. You benefit from the ancestral skill of bees who have assimilated this nectar of the gods present in the plant kingdom, bursting with transepidermal micronutrients and micropillars, yes, a toni-active plant symbiosis for all skin types.

Several researchers have studied the cosmetological activity of royal jelly. Thanks to its amino acids, group B vitamins and hormones, royal jelly revives the epidermis, reduces irritation and uneven pigmentation. Alvéol cream for the face contains six ingredients from the mas of bees: royal jelly, bee bread, pollen, propolis, wax, orange blossom honey, yes, six ingredients, the six facets of cell, the prodigious hexagon of the world of bees.

Alvéol contains what your skin constantly needs: nourishing it, moisturizing it, protecting it and giving it a true youth cure. Alvéol increases the freshness and firmness of your skin. All the sweetness of honey to take great care of your skin.

INCI ingredients filed with government authorities under Alvéol MD.

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