Nature does things well

We are born with skin smooth and soft like a fruit, but this great softness only lasts too short a time. The years like the bad weather attack us and inevitably wrinkle the beautiful skin of our birth, in short, the skin takes on wrinkles and slackens. So how can we help our skin stay toned and fresh, even as the years follow us? So let’s see what the experts tell us.

According to researchers, the softness of babies’ skin could be attributed to vernix, the whitish substance that covers the baby’s skin, protects it in its intrauterine life and serves as a lubricant at birth, when it passes through the cervix. of the uterus. They discovered that this valuable product is a natural moisturizer with antioxidant and anti-infective properties. It allows the skin of newborns not to dry out and to be less flaky. Vernix, which protects baby’s skin, is rich in squalene. This research then becomes a powerful ally in cosmetology, since it can now be used in the care of damaged skin.

Prefix, contains organic vegetable squalene which protects the great softness and elasticity of the skin. The organic vegetable squalene contained in the prefix cream restores the skin’s lost suppleness. prefix, fragrance-free, has a non-greasy touch and is very easy to spread on the epidermis.

INCI ingredients filed with government authorities under prefix MD

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