Neck tissue firmness

Derma-Lifte Colostrum against the ravages of time, fights the appearance of wrinkles.

Sagging skin tissue occurs at some point in life. Derma-Lifte Colostrum anti-wrinkle cream can give the neck a firmer appearance.

Research has shown that Colostrum has a multitude of benefits, including epidermal factors that make skin look revitalized and firmed. Its role is to reverse the appearance of the signs of skin aging and improve its elasticity.

* Colostrum contains 250 substances and is one of nature’s strongest elements.

The combined effects of Colostrum are a real resource for the epidermis and have a profound influence on the appearance, texture and firmness of neck skin. Derma-Lifte Colostrum therefore exerts its effects by the progression of its influx factors within the cutaneous tissue.

In addition, Derma-Lifte Colostrum, by recognizing the importance of the wealth of factors in Colostrum for skin homeostasis, manages to restore a beautiful appearance to the skin by meeting the needs of its pivotal players. Actors whose role is to delay the signs, appearance and visibility of the ravages of time.

*reference: convention of the American College for Advancement in medicine.

Derma-Lifte Colostrum has created a creamy Colostrum formula to enhance the appearance of neck skin. Your skin will look younger and smoother.

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