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One million Quebecers react to plant pollen. The pollen content of grasses, ragweed, lawns, trees so dreaded by allergies, is exploding in Quebec. It affects the respiratory health of one in six people in Quebec, according to the Quebec Lung Association, which is saying something.

If you are attacked by seasonal allergies (hay fever), you obviously know the unpleasant symptoms associated with it: runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing. In the most critical cases, red and swollen eyes, sinus and ear infections. These allergic reactions can be the prelude to bronchitis, asthma and respiratory disorders. In the majority of conditions, you are dealing with a reaction to pollen.

Allergine against seasonal allergies is specially formulated and used in herbal medicine to help relieve these famous allergic symptoms.

Allergin against tree pollen in spring. Allergin to grass pollen, hay and lawn in July. Allergin to ragweed pollen in late summer. Allergine hates all those pollens in the air and is there to help you relieve those famous allergic symptoms.

Allergine hand to hand against the number one enemy of a million Quebecers pollens.

Licensed natural health product: license NPN 80042836

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