Nope! No congestion in the joints.

Because of your creaking joints, you decide not to move them anymore.

Mistake ! You have to move the joints, to get them back in shape. Start with a warm-up period and end with a period of stretching, light inflections. It should be known that the ligaments and the cartilages undergo the effects of the activity as much as of the inactivity. We can take the well-known expression by transforming it a little to affirm “grouille if ca rouille”. Extend exercise periods day by day.

Yes, a moderate practice of physical exercises for the joints, after a good application of the analgesic cream Flex-O-Flex, can be put in place as soon as the first symptoms appear.

This effective action plan, based on moderate physical activity, including stretching and the application of capsaicin cream, can bring you hemoconcentration or active hyperemia, that is to say a healthy concentration of blood. , where it hurts.

Why not also try the drinkable vials of 1500 mg of glucosamine sulphate, a supernutritional dose, a veritable mine of liquid glucosamine, of rapid assimilation?

Another good piece of information for your joints.

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