Our heart beats during the day… Tireless heart yes, but!

The heart beats about 36 million times each year of our lives. You imagine. A burden of all moments. Sure, he needs fuel to achieve this feat. Maybe we could make some effort to help its resistance index. The heart is an important organ, we have only one in brackets, a pump that activates well, but which can weaken over time.

Let’s not have a struggling heart that is in all its states. Yes, our heart can run out of steam. Tri-Céphal can help by maintaining good cardiovascular health with these three omega-3s which are particularly important: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is absolutely essential because the human body cannot manufacture it; eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and docosahexaenoic (DHA) acids.

Also know that Tri-Cephal helps support cognitive health and brain function AND helps support brain, eye and nerve development in children ages 12 and under. That’s saying something.

Our daily diet is severely deficient, 75% (and I would even say 85%) of Quebecers have an omega-3 deficiency. So Tri-Céphal with its triad of omega-3 can help maintain good health and avoid the proliferation of ailments and deterioration of good health.

It’s nice to help maintain your cardiovascular health with Tri-Céphal, your heart will give back to you a hundredfold…and your brain functions too.

Your free and informed choice.

Sugar, this risky fuel

brain function

Sugar would contribute to the development of anxiety and depression. It would make concentration more difficult and therefore reduce learning ability.

It’s wise to be on the safe side…not too much refined sugar.

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