A story, a family, a lifetime

Our story from 1968 to today

The most successful businesses are often born out of the enthusiasm of a simple idea, developed on the corner of the table, with artisans with a creative spirit, endowed with humble means. Bio-Actif inc. is no exception to this situation! A company developed in the paternal home of Jacques Duceppe, rue De Lorimier in Montreal, more than fifty years ago, to today.

The president and director, Jacques Duceppe, was present from the start of what was to become Bio-Actif. He gave himself the mandate to make his company a center of development, dedicated to the research, exploitation and marketing of products from natural sources. Treat, improve, relieve and prevent with components from nature. This is the constant commitment of Bio-Actif and its associated companies. One could almost say the promise of a responsible social role, which Bio-Actif endeavors to strictly respect.

Improving human health by trusting Mother Nature, through molecular research and development, so that we can stay fit, active and productive, without suffering any side effects. Bio-Actif is an entirely Quebec company involved in its community. It has been at the heart of the discipline of natural health products since 1968.

Now passed on to the caring hands of new generations of the Duceppe family, here is a summary of its history.


1968: Manna Limited

Manna Limitée, under the presidency and direction of Jacques Duceppe, in the company of his father, Rosaire, manufactures a cereal incorporating fruits and vegetables (Légumol), marketed in Quebec supermarkets. They set up the formulation and manufacture of innovative natural foods under the Natur brand, such as peanut butter, sunflower oil mayonnaise, Soyatine, hydrogenated and preservative-free margarine. That’s not counting the manufacture of herbal tablets, the manufacture of spices around the world, etc.


1971: Nature

In 1971, development accelerated. NATUR INC., a subsidiary of Manna Limited, was born. Thanks to the advent of new manufacturing processes, Natur produces and packages a large number of products from natural sources, marketed in health food stores, pharmacies and supermarkets.

1975: First health products

In 1975, the company Consultants Survex formulated Foratol products in tablets and herbal tea. The tablets are used to increase the production of bile, while the herbal teas are used to promote digestion, cure difficult digestion and stimulate it. The new company Acti-Bile inc. , in 1987, introduced a lipotropic cholague agent that promotes the evacuation of bile and facilitates the digestion of fatty substances.

Diary 1975

1976: A laboratory in Laval

1976 is an important date for Manna Limited. It acquires a manufacturing laboratory in the Laval Industrial Park, thanks to loans from the SDI and the Caisse de Dépôt du Québec. The new entity located along the Laurentian highway now bears the name of Laboratoire Bios inc. A manufacturing laboratory and an ultra-modern analysis laboratory, run by expert chemists, were opened there. Without delay, chemists and technicians therefore work in the research and development of food supplements from natural sources, such as tablets, capsules, drinkable ampoules, liquids, herbal teas in sachets and the formulation of beauty products with natural active ingredients.


1985: Development accelerates

From 1976 to 1985, the conglomerate of Manna companies limited, Natur inc. and Laboratoire Bios inc., located in the new 25,000 square foot premises, manufacture, analyze and package the majority of natural products marketed in Quebec, under the direction of Jacques Duceppe and his spouse, Marguerite Beaulieu. They also manufacture, as a contract manufacturer, herbal supplements for various companies under their own brands, such as Provigo vegetable oil.

1986: Bronchosyl, an effective syrup

In 1986, Jacques Duceppe, sole shareholder of BRONCHOSIRUM INC. , sells and sells a syrup for colds called Pulmosirum, and is working on the creation of a new, more efficient formula with natural active ingredients against the discomfort caused by annoying phlegm that clogs the respiratory tract. A few years later, Broncchosyl (brand of Bronchosirum inc.) is an emollient syrup, pleasant to the taste, natural health product, helps to fight coughs caused by colds and bronchitis. It can be given to family members from the age of six.


1994: An investment in the great outdoors

From 1994 to 1996, Placements Beaulieu-Duceppe and its subsidiary Bio-Actif inc., set up a set of financial resources necessary for the complete financing of the infrastructures, a little more than 1M$ are necessary for the construction of GÉRONIMO PLEIN AIR INC. ., outdoor center specializing in circus. Sylvie Duceppe, president and director, realizes her dream. During the summer season, 6,000 children, aged 8 to 17, live an exciting adventure in the fabulous world of the circus, under the big tent at Géronimo, in the forests north of Lachute.


1996: The Sur-Actif Laboratory inc.

1996 saw the arrival on the market of LABORATOIRE SUR-ACTIF INC., of which Jacques Duceppe was the sole shareholder. A series of works in the field of natural health relating to allicin in garlic prompted him to create this laboratory whose team enjoys great expertise in this field. Sulfo-Genik biocomplex garlic, an allicino-active product, resulting in a few years from the design of the Sur-Actif laboratory, is a real mine: sulfur elements, benefits, is a supra-natural gain and a super food. Sulfo-Genik Garlic, which helps maintain cardiovascular health, is traditionally used to treat symptoms of infections in the upper respiratory tract such as the throat and nose.


1997: Growing demands

In 1997, Jacques Duceppe listened attentively to a large number of people, including the Order of Chiropractors of Quebec, who were calling for new natural products without side effects. These claims relate to joint pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis and cartilage deterioration. Initial studies were directed to the direction of joint pain and submitted to the government agency of Health Canada. Jacques Duceppe gives birth to the Flex-o-Flex brand that he created, and designs the slogan “Where it hurts”, which has remained a legendary trademark ever since!


2001: Adapting to new standards

Research reveals that 71% of Canadians regularly consume vitamins and minerals, herbal medicines and other such products. These are products now referred to as natural health products (NHP), designated as such by Health Canada. All natural health products must obtain a license issued by this federal agency. A new challenge that Bio-Actif takes up brilliantly. It is a question of proving the effectiveness of the product, by at least two studies of each of the products concerned. The challenge is daunting, expensive and long.

Health Canada wants to ensure that Canadians have easy access to natural health products ( NHPs ) that are safe, effective and of high quality. All natural health products are subject to the new regulations and must display an NPN license (natural product number).

Bio-Actif takes up the challenge by increasing the quality control staff. After a period of six years, all natural health products on this site are approved and have obtained their marketing license issued by government authorities.


2004: Still expanding

From 1985 to 2004, BIO-ACTIF INC. marketing company set up by Jacques Duceppe, is developing on the Quebec market with its own trademarks, at a time when products from natural sources are increasingly a real challenge in an industrial society like ours. Jacques Duceppe and his spouse, Marguerite Beaulieu, meet Johanne Verdon, naturopath, and retain her services as spokesperson.

The family takes over

Today: The family takes over

A family business from the start, the new generations of the Duceppe family will take over the business in 2021. New objectives were established, to provide natural beauty and health products at an affordable price for all Quebecers and to breathe new life into the company, in particular via a new website and new products in order to attract new, younger clientele. Because you’re never too young to start taking care of yourself.