Pain in the bones and joints keep his body the flexibility of his twenty years?

Let’s be realistic. We don’t live in a fairy tale. The years always catch up with us and do us no favors. The elasticity and suppleness of certain tissues decrease with age. We must recognize it. Sometimes we need help to avoid stiffness, pain in the bones and joints.

Imagine that healthy cartilage is a sponge placed between the hard ends of bones. This spongy material absorbs fluid (especially synovial fluid) when the joint is at rest, then returns it when the joint is under pressure. Each time you take a step, your legs must bear the pressure of your body weight: the cartilage of your knees is compressed and then evacuates most of the liquid it contains. When you lift the leg to take another step, the fluid returns to the cartilage. These systematic comings and goings of liquid respond to the pressure constantly exerted on the joint. Cartilage is therefore a shock absorber, a sponge, a chrondrosponge, a buffer.

Where it hurts:

Clearly something is wrong if you have pain in your joints, maybe you have dried up cartilage eroding the protective barrier between the bones?

Joint diseases?

Could it be that joint problems are a universal scourge? Unfortunately, it seems so. It is the ransom of progress that makes us live longer. In Western industrialized societies, one in three families is affected by this joint disease, which takes many names. But in front of all your concerns, one name always surfaces Flex-O-Flex Chondrin. Its effectiveness and its exclusive formula are beyond doubt, your comments confirm it to us day after day.

Help my joints?

In recent years, scientific studies have discovered several natural substances that contribute to the formation of connective tissues and help relieve pain in the bones and joints with anti-inflammatory properties, Chondrin, cat’s claw, sea cucumber, also known as beche de mer, meadowsweet and licorice root. Assets of nature.

Sea cucumber or beche de mer

Sea cucumber was already prescribed by Chinese doctors to their patients almost 5,000 years ago to treat chronic joint pain, including tendonitis. It is not yesterday that its virtues are recognized.

Avoid side effects.

Why preferably choose natural medicines? Simply because synthetic drugs often cause harmful side effects to your body, which the naturally occurring drug does not. This is already an excellent reason.

Flex-O-Flex Chondrin, what is this mystery?

Nothing fancy. These are 800 mg tablets of chondroitin accompanied by the beche de mer which contains a quarter of its weight in chondroitin in a perfectly natural state. The most versatile of the Flex-O-Flex arsenal, an important scientific innovation. The most appreciated Flex-O-Flex, according to the quality of testimonials and results.

The famous chondrin

A name that is becoming more and more familiar. It is one of the ingredients of Flex-O-Flex, chondrin. Chondrin is found in our body, at the level of the joints and specifically in the cartilage. Its role contributes to the formation of connective tissues therefore it helps to relieve pain in the bones and joints. One tablet of Flex-O-Flex Chondrin added as needed to one ampule of Flex-O-Flex Gluco Liquid Glucosamine will help reduce pain associated with joint disease and protect against cartilage deterioration resulting from chronic joint disease.

The maintenance of cartilage. Is this what you are looking for?

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