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Deer horns and research in Russia

Some reports establish that deer horns were used in the 15th century in Russia as a therapeutic remedy. They were then called ‘Golden Horns’, which attests to the high value that was given to this natural substance.

Beginning in the 1920s, Russian clinicians and scientists conducted extensive research into the use of deer horns, and especially their alcoholic extract called pantocrine (Cornu Cervi Pantocrinum).

This extract, manufactured by Soviet state agencies, was widely used in hospitals to allow better postoperative recovery of patients and to accelerate wound healing.

In 1964, a study by Dr. Tayaneva showed that the administration of pantocrine to young men before mathematical tests improved their mental acuity and their capacity for intellectual work.

In 1974, Dr. Korobkov demonstrated that pantocrin accelerated the body’s natural recovery process and increased the body’s resistance to adverse external influences, such as intense physical exercise, stress or cold.

The adaptogenic properties of deer horns have been confirmed by Dr. Brekhman in a large study conducted on biologically active substances: all experimental and clinical research testifies to the fact that pantocrine is an effective therapy. If one had to select from all the variety of pharmacological effects, the most important would undoubtedly be the stimulating, tonic and gonadotrophic effects, as well as the ability to increase the general resistance of the organism.

These results, which were very favorably received by the Soviet government, led to widespread use of deer horn extract among top athletes. Particularly among Olympic athletes, in order to replace synthetic anabolics, prohibited during Olympic competitions and dangerous for the health of athletes.

Dr. Arkady Koltun, Chairman of the Medical Committee of the Russian Bodybuilding Federation, has conducted research for more than twelve years on natural anabolic products without harmful side effects, which can improve the performance, strength and musculature of Russian athletes. In studies carried out with Russian athletes practicing kayaking, weightlifting, bodybuilding and shot put, Dr. Koltun found that deer horns had a myotropic action, that is to say, which increases the power muscle, as well as a strong neurotropic action, strengthening the nerves, which resulted in significant increases in the endurance of athletes. After using pantocrine during a pre-Olympic session, two of the kayakers and a canoe world record holder had remarkably improved their results.

These significant results in terms of intellectual and physical performance, as well as a better response of the body to difficult conditions, led to the inclusion of deer horn extract in the training program of Russian astronauts.

Dr. Koltun also described an interesting phenomenon that occurs in overtrained athletes, even young ones: myocardial dystrophy. He explains that when these athletes train too hard, they develop an electrolyte imbalance in the heart muscle. This problem of repolarization of the heart ventricles causes a drop in recovery and endurance, and therefore performance. This imbalance disappears if they stop their training for two weeks. With the use of Pantocrine, Inosine and Vitamin B6, the recovery time is reduced to ten days, in other words, athletes recover much faster and can therefore participate in more competitions.

In 1974, Dr. Korobkov clarified that the use of pantocrine had nothing to do with illicit drug use. Pantocrine works by accelerating the body’s natural recovery processes, and by increasing the body’s resistance to adverse external stimuli.

It was the numerous victories of the Russians at the Olympic Games that interested sports doctors around the world in this product, which offers a natural, non-toxic and non-prohibited alternative, and prompted the international scientific community to take an interest in deer horns.

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Recommended Use or Purpose: Traditionally used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to relieve symptoms related to: dizziness, tinnitus, lower back pain accompanied by feeling cold. Allows to replenish vital essence and blood, strengthen tendons and bones.

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