Phytobec. why it works

The following is intended to introduce you to Phytobec’s special formula, which we consider to be the most complete dietary supplement on the market. It is based on the results of experiments and observations gathered during years of practice. A multidisciplinary team made up of a doctor, a pharmacist, a formulator with forty years of experience and several chemists worked on this new concept, the Phytobec formula. An original and new orientation has been explored. A qualitative combination of countless nutrients has been researched, dosed and tested. Result: provide users with the greatest possible number of organic elements that are valuable for health in order to counter any possible deficiency.

The mechanisms of digestion and absorption are so complex that they can only be described here in broad strokes. For example, good calcium absorption must be accompanied by vitamin D, phosphorus and magnesium. Maintaining a careful dosage of the quantity and quality of each of the nutrients and their associations has been a task of blessing. You should know that the Phytobec formula contains 40 ingredients and that only one of these ingredients, such as bee pollen, for example, alone contains all the elements essential to the life of animals and plants. Seaweeds contain almost all mineral salts in the form of trace elements. Mineral balance, in the Phytobec formula, has been considered an important foundation for the integrity of body and mind. Research has focused on certain so-called ponderable minerals, such as iodine from seaweed, iron, copper and magnesium. But calcium-phosphorus and all the other minerals in small amounts found in ingredients such as brewer’s yeast, seaweed, isolated soy protein, bee pollen, acerola cherry , royal jelly, astragalus root, echinacea and wheat germ are closely and directly related to all the manifestations of life that concern all living beings. This mineral harmony is itself conditioned by the presence of these innumerable small quantities of simple bodies whose vital importance no longer needs to be demonstrated.

Vitamins (in low doses) are an essential food factor for human or animal life. Ninety-eight percent of the vitamins come from the plant sphere, because the vitamins of animal origin are actually only from the plant cycle that the animal will have assimilated through its food. It has been found that the daily vitamin requirements of man and animals vary, both in quantity and quality, not only from one individual or species to another, but also according to the diet chosen by the individual. individual and the dietary imbalance that he entails. Thus, in the versatile preparation of the Phytobec formula, a large number of vitamins have been carefully combined, but in low doses, in order to balance the average person’s diet in sufficient quantities. Four capsules a day of Phytobec therefore represent the minimum amount of vitamins that a person needs daily. It should be known that the ideal solution of a simple and varied diet is rarely realized by the individual; either the diet is poorly chosen and poorly balanced; either the person has a great predilection for coffee, tobacco, alcohol, sausages, fried foods, soft drinks and sweets; either the individual has an extremely stressful lifestyle; or finally, either that the person in bad shape has problems with absorption or use. This explains the existence of numerous shortcomings, the mechanism of which needs to be clearly understood in order to better remedy them. The Phytobec formula is therefore intended as an anti-deficiency food product for all ages of adult life.

It will come as no surprise to know that, to survive, the body needs proteins, this word literally meaning: basic necessities. The Phytobec formula is also made up of proteins including essential amino acids. The isolated soy protein, brewer’s yeast, bee pollen added to the Phytobec formula are all made up, as indicated by the components, of amino acids that are both essential and non-essential (essential means that the body cannot synthesize these essential bodies, which must therefore be provided). We could also talk about methionine, an essential and indispensable amino acid, and betaine, which have lipotropic properties (fat metabolism). In addition, the Phytobec formula contains cystine: this important amino acid which plays an essential role in protein bonds. Certainly, Phytobec thought of proteins as the basic elements of all living cells.

It must be recognized that the Phytobec formula contains only very low doses of carbohydrates (sugars). These sugars, which come from royal jelly, bee pollen and acerola cherry, are fructose, monosaccharides (C6 H12 06) that are highly assimilable by the body. These are the sugars of the human body.

Beyond words, it’s the concept that matters, and the Phytobec formula is an anti-deficiency concept

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